Vascular Plant Redlisting Workshop in Cuba

Delegates in front of Dendrocerus nudifloris (Cuban endemic and member of the cactus family). The species is listed as Endangered.


Conservationists from across the northern Caribbean region met in Havana in April for a 5-day Redlisting working session focused on species shared between Cuba and neighboring countries. This session followed last November’s Redlisting training held in New Providence at the BNT Retreat where participants concluded more in-person taxonomy discussions were needed. LLNPP botanist Dr. Ethan Freid attended the Cuba session, partnering with Dr. Eldis Becquer of Jardin Botanico Nacional (Havana) to assess endemic plants of the Bahamas and Cuba. From that collaboration an initial list of 44 Bahamas-Cuba endemics was compiled, with 11 species given basic Redlisting data sets.


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