Summer Camp Focuses on Sustainability

The Preserve welcomed thirteen active campers for its annual week-long Summer Safari. This year’s theme was Sustainability and Conservation, and Education Officer Courtney Kemp gave the group five fun-filled days of learning and exploration. They began with a tour of the Levy Preserve and a lesson on national parks and their contributions to conservation. The […]

World Ocean’s Day Partnership at Sky Beach

In June, the Levy Preserve supported Bahamas Plastic Movement in its World Ocean’s Day beach cleanup. Dozens of students, residents and partner organizations canvassed a mile of Sky Beach collecting all sorts of plastics. Within 30 minutes, over 2,000 pieces of plastic had been collected including fishing ropes and nets, hundreds of plastic fragments, flip […]

Thoughts on the Internship: Latesha Gibson

HOW HAS YOUR COLLEGE TRAINING ASSISTED YOU I completed courses in Plant Form and Systematics, and Plant Physiology which gave me a foundational understanding and keen eye for botanical observation. For my research project Plant Ecophysiology influenced my interest the most by helping me understand a range of physiological specialisations displayed by highly evolved plants […]

Thoughts on the Internship: Hydie Knowles

HOW HAS YOUR COLLEGE TRAINING ASSISTED YOU I completed a literature review for a research class which required creating a report (Abstract, Background, Methodology, Results, Discussion and Conclusion) and I acquired fieldwork experience through Shedd Aquarium, Archie Carr and Shark Lab internships. BOTANICAL HIGHLIGHTS The first few weeks were new and challenging but I soon […]

Eleuthera Discovery Club: Expedition Sea Turtles!

Scores of adventurous Discovery Clubbers from schools in Central and South Eleuthera enjoyed a half-day visit to Half Sound in South Eleuthera to learn about loggerhead turtles and got the chance to perform a tagging exercise. Director of the Cape Eleuthera Institute Nathan Robinson and his team supervised the activities with the assistance of Discovery […]

Beyond the Classroom: Promoting Place-Based Learning

Eight teachers from Emma E. Cooper Primary School explored the potential for place-based learning at the Levy Preserve. The teachers, representing various grade levels, were challenged to take an alternative approach to their lesson planning which would immerse the students in the natural environment. Lessons could be tailored according to the subject of study using […]