– Mangroves (adaptations, wetlands, the importance of mangroves)

– Soil ecology (types of soil, porosity and permeability, what lives in soil)

– Weather and climate (using weather equipment, measuring weather conditions, analyzing weather data)

– Plant processes (photosynthesis, transpiration, respiration)

– Parts of the plant

– Types of plants (monocots/dicots, flowering/non-flowering, seed germination)

– Medicinal plants (social studies connections to Bahamian culture and heritage)

– Weathering and erosion (the importance of plants)

– Living things

– Biodiversity

– Habitats

– Conservation (Conserving ecosystems, National Parks)

– Natural Resources (protecting natural resources)

– The Water Cycle

– Plant and animal adaptations

– Food chain/food web

– Relationships in Ecosystems (producers, consumers and decomposers)

– Endangered plants and animals

– Native, endemic, non-native and invasive plants and animals