Suniva’s Trail

This mini coppice trail is perfect for the youngest explorers or for those a little less physically capable. Just under a five-minute walk the trail provides a glimpse of what forests that once dominated The Bahamas were like before settlers arrived. A notable termite mound sits along the trail, and during the winter months the Christmas Orchid (Encyclia altissima) emits a wonderful fragrance throughout the forest.

Epiphyte Trail

Abundant with orchids and bromeliads this U-shaped trail is approximately 800 feet in length and travels around the slope of a ridge. The epiphyte trail is home to eight species of orchids and four species of bromeliads. Removing orchids from the Preserve is strictly prohibited.

Ethan’s Tower Loop

For the more adventurous the Tower Loop will take you to the highest point on the Preserve.  As you near the tower there is a steep climb through the Coppice Forest. The Loop is approximately half a mile long and can be completed in thirty-five minutes.

Economic Botany

The Economic Botany trail exhibits plant species that were of economic importance throughout Bahamian history, including Sisal (Agave sisalana) used for making rope and Mahogany (Swietenia mahogani), highly sought after for its valuable timber.