Mangrove Wetland

This wetland is enhanced with a man-made limestone waterfall on one side and a quiescent coconut grove on the other. The waterfall helps aerate the wetland and is a great place for spotting herons or egrets stalking fish or frogs. Another interesting feature are the natural sinkholes in the rock. These holes are directly connected to the sea, evidenced by the water inside rising and falling daily along with the tides and by the presence of salt-tolerant red mangroves which flourish as a mature forest on the site.

Follow the boardwalk to experience this unique island ecosystem and observe all four species of native mangrove: red, black, white and buttonwood. 


Freshwater Wetland

Formerly an old cistern on the property this space was converted into a freshwater wetland designed by world famous landscape architect Raymond Jungles. The wetland features bird perches, waterfalls, water lilies, pond apples, sable palms, and other fresh water plant species as well as native Bahamian freshwater turtles who enjoy coming to the water’s edge to be fed.