Natural forested areas such as the Preserve provide important foraging and nesting areas for a number of resident and migratory bird species throughout the year.

The Bahamian Coppice Forest is made up of important tree species which provide food and nesting area for birds species. The Short Leaf Fig (Ficus citrifolia) attracts many fruit eating and insect-eating birds as does the Gumelemi (Bursera simaruba) which fruits in the winter and produces clusters of red fruit eaten by mockingbirds, vireos, warblers and fly catchers which are often seen in the canopy of the coppice forest. The aromatic flowers of the Necklace Pod (Sophora tomentosa) and the Seven Year Apple (Casasia clusiifolia) attract the Bahama Woodstar Hummingbird, an endemic species.

The Preserve is a recorded “Hotspot” for bird sightings from around the world.  To date 78 species have been recorded at the site. The list is managed by staff ornithologist Alvanna Johnson who regularly conducts bird surveys and updates accordingly via eBird 

Bird walks are hosted during the Fall and Winter. Check the calendar for upcoming dates.

Preserve’s bird checklist